NWMCA Board Communication - Conflicts and Behaviour
Date of Event North West Metropolitan Cricket Association: Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:34AM

All Clubs,

Recently it has been brought to our attention of conflicts occurring between clubs when no independent umpire is present and matches are umpired by the team batting.

Tensions have been inflamed when "questionable" umpiring decisions have been made.
 As such we provide the following guidance:

1)   Players who volunteer to umpire during the match must be fully aware of the rules of cricket and be impartial when making decisions.
2)   Captains are also responsible for the actions of the umpire in that they are fair and impartial.
3)   When a person has commenced umpiring he/she needs to be afforded the same respect as if a formal umpire has been appointed.
4)   Any discussion with the umpire is to be between the Umpire and the Captains only.
5)   Any abuse, intimidation etc. will be dealt with as if a formal umpire is appointed. 
6)   Charges can be laid by the umpire by referring the incident to the Association Board who will investigate the matter and if applicable apply disciplinary action.
7)   If it is found that an umpire is deliberately making incorrect decisions, they will also be subject to disciplinary action.
8)   All players, officials, Supporters at all times need to adhere to the Behaviour and Code of Conduct rules as per below.
9)   Where a batter knows that he/she has been dismissed, they should consider “walking” if the opposition appeals, and not wait for the umpire to make a decision
10)  The Umpires decision is final and is to be respected.
We also suggest that before a match commences that the Captain and Vice Captains agree to:
1)   Boundary markings
2)   Leg-side clearly marked and agreed to.
3)   Interpretation of LBW rule.
4)   Drinks break
5)   Understanding of short pitched deliveries
6)   Provision of match Scores and Score board updates during the match
Additionally, Captains must ensure:
1)   When players are scoring in their own match, they should be competent, make sure the books are complete and accurate and are balanced at innings interval and after the game. 
2) Scorers are officials and should work with other match day officials to ensure correct scoring is recorded
3)   Captains are to agree to the final score by signing the opposition Captains Score book notating the final score.

We also encourage clubs when selecting team Captains that it is a Prerequisite that Captains have excellent knowledge of the Rules of Cricket and should be prepared to assume the Role as Umpire when needed. 

Having two players in a team with this knowledge is preferable.

Umpires courses are available to assist.


The NWMCA’s main responsibility is to ensure all cricket played under its auspices is played within the spirit and traditions of the game. It considers sportsman-like behaviour of all involved in the game in relation to other players, officials, umpires and spectators as the most important element of the game.


Registered players, club officials and supporters shall not
Dispute the decision of an umpire.
Use any abusive, threatening, indecent or insulting language or gestures, to any person involved in or at the match including umpires, spectators and players.
Assault any person.
Misconduct themselves on the day of the match within or outside the ground enclosure.
Behave in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute.
Penalties will apply for breaches to these conditions of play.

Peter Bryceson 
For and Behalf of the NWMCA Board

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Author: Bill Maddern