Expected extreme heat 20/12/19
Date of Event North West Metropolitan Cricket Association: Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:19AM

All NWMCA clubs

With significant heat forecast for Friday, the Association has already started planning for the fixtured evening matches.
With temperatures predicted to top 40 and a change not expected until late at night, there is a real likelihood that the Friday games will be cancelled.
The Association will review the latest information on Friday morning, with a view to making a decision before midday.
We understand that a number of clubs have been preparing and planning Friday evening Christmas parties or festivities for the last game before the break, and acknowledge the impact any cancellations could have on these plans.
Several clubs in the Under 10 grade have pre-planned intra-club derbies to get their players together for Christmas break-ups, and will obviously be able to improvise with what they do.
Other clubs which have break-ups planned for Friday should make contact with their opposing clubs to discuss options or contingencies in the event that the day’s play is cancelled.
They may still have options to get together and celebrate the Christmas break even if heat prevents cricket from going ahead.

Last updated: Wednesday December 18, 2019 9:20AM
Author: Bill Maddern